Corporate & Commercial Law

Since the privately owned companies of citizens under Decree 56 from the 80’s of the XX century, the Bulgarian commercial companies followed a long and difficult path. At the present tense market environment, the structural organization of a lot of them is old and ineffective.   The different company activities obtrude themselves, the banks and the other creditors infringe the whole property of the company and the taxation rates are unfavourable. As a whole the companies are being managed harder and the losses grow.

After the statutory restrictions of the offshore activities in the European union were introduced, the competent, purposeful and effective corporate restructuring came forward. This restructuring could lead to reduction of taxation rates, leaving at creditors’ disposal only contractual securities, considerable decrease of risks and to surmount of collisions between the different activities in the company. As a whole the companies are being managed much more easily and the losses are minimized.
Of course, there is not only one right way for restructuring. All depends on the individual characteristics of the company, the specifics of its activity and the preferred manner of management, as well as on a lot of other factors.

The acquired experience of the leading members of our team in the last 25 years allows us to create specifically for You – Your stable, adequate and effective model of corporate restructuring that shall later let you concentrate on the main – the development of Your business.

The corporate restructuring is inevitable part of overcoming each crisis in the business, but accomplished in time, it could lead to evasion of the crisis at all. Because on-time actions are always the best, the most accurate and the most beneficial ones.