About us

Law firm "Dimitrova, Staykova and Partners" was established to bring together the efforts of a group of lawyers in order to solve large-scale problems with a high degree of factual and legal complexity.
At the same time, taking into account the necessity of daily support for our clients in various areas of their activity, we have created specific practices for solving cases, which are with regular every-day complexity, but which are equally important for the protection of clients’ rights and interests.
Last but not least, over the years our team has focused and specialized in specific areas of public relations; at present this impersonates in the provision of specific, identifiable legal services, different from traditional legal practices.

Since the mid-nineties some members of the team have been working in leading positions in the field of privatization, securities, consulting business and the legislative field.
Since 2000 our team was able to accumulate considerable experience in the field of public procurement, providing management and legal consulting to municipalities and municipal companies, corporate restructuring and resolving crises in commercial enterprises, complicated business transactions and mediation.
With the beginning of the financial crisis we have developed our own, original methods for effective and lawful bad debt collection, conducting procedures of enforcement and bankruptcy, as well as organizing reliable protection of commercial and public subjects against unfair intervention on behalf of creditors and counterparties.

Today, our team consults many corporate and public clients throughout the country and also in Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, France, Romania and Greece. Proof of the quality of our work and the loyalty of the team are the numerous references from our clients and the long-lasting relationships with the majority of them.
We are convinced that the years of experience must be forwarded to and enriched by subsequent generations of lawyers. So we gladly welcome among us and introduce our young colleagues, who distinguish themselves with knowledge and skills. They, in turn, give our team their youth and energy.

We are convinced that not everything in the art of jurisprudence is bought with money. That is why we are engaged in socially important community causes. Results of our initiatives are covered by the media and we are grateful for their commitment.

Guided by the knowledge that today, we lawyers are obliged to provide an example of conscientious and competent work, we make continuous efforts to improve our work practices and procedures. Expression of these is the acquirement of certified systems under ISO 9000 and ISO 27001.
And because people matter, and because their work and creativity are the origin of everything, we constantly develop and improve our team.