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Consultancy services in public procurment procedures

Public procurements are one of the most dynamic, fast changing and live areas of public relations in Bulgaria, that are attracting immense public attention. In addition, there is a considerable interest in them regarding the fact that public procurement procedures are the only lawful manner for spending public funds and the procedures are compulsory for all legally-bound contracting authorities. In addition, the immense amount of funds that are being spent under the public procurement procedures is generating interest in potential participants (Bulgarian and foreign juridical entities or physical persons) as a resource of funding, especially in times of a complicated financial environment.  
In this regard our team provides different kinds of consultancy services with respect to the specific requirements of the current environment in Bulgaria and always considering the different interests that are being protected.

Consultancy services for contracting authorities

Consultancy services in formulation of the public procurement requirements for assignment
Very often the subjects of public procurements are ambiguously formulated, complicate for execution and do not apply with the technical and organizational needs of the contracting authority. This usually is a consequence of different circumstances but often leads to groundless expense of public resources and difficulties for all participants in the public procurements. Based on the above, we offer consultancy services before the announcement of the public procurement aiming clear formulation of its subject, strict definition of the procedures and clear requirements for the participants.

Consultancy services for contracting authorities during the public procurement procedures
This consultancy service includes preparation of all types of written statements and participation of independent experts in the commissions, appointed by the contracting authorities for assurance of the lawful and correct conduction of the public procurement process. This service could have a significant meaning because it provides a lawful and predictable conduct of the commission, appointed by the contracting authority.

Consultancy services for participants

Consultancy services for the candidates in public procurements procedures
This consultancy service includes administrative representation before the contracting authority as well as before other state and municipal entities and third parties, related to the public procurement. This includes entire legal assistance and preparation of all documents, necessary for the participation in the public procurement, submission of the documentation, representation before the commission and representation in the public sessions of the commission, appeal of the decisions of the contracting authority, as well as any other = consultancy services, which may be necessary during the process of execution of the public procurement.   

Consultancy services for a lawful conduction of the public procurement procedure
The lawful conduction of the public procurement process is secured by the provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation and could be assured by organizing public and media observation on procurement procedures. This includes presence of representatives of NGOs and public medias that are specially trained and educated in the details of the particular public procurement. In addition, experts from authoritative commercial and branch organizations could be involved.  Our experience in the public and media observations of public procurements shows the high effectiveness of this procedure.

Consultancy services in negotiation with the contracting authority, execution of the public procurement, reports and payments in the public procurement
This service includes legal assistance in preparation of all kinds of contracts, appendixes and annexes, as well as all documents required as a condition for conclusion of the assignment contract with the contracting authority. Legal assistance during the execution of the subject of the public procurement, including mediation services.

Consultancy services and court representation in litigation for appealing the public procurement
This service includes representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition and/or Bulgarian courts, including court representation by an attorney – at –law, specialist in this area.

Separate and ad hoc consultations and assignments in the field of public procurement  
This service includes the provision of all kinds of consultations that are not explicitly listed above. The main criterion for the formulation of our price is the number of the assignments.